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Safari ADV Ltd is a company with an enthusiastic team of Travel Designers specialized in naturalistic and anthropological journeys

We are tireless travelers, we love nature, animals and the people we meet along our itineraries and who often give us fantastic smiles.

Our passion is Africa, its spaces, its sunsets, its incredible landscapes and its splendid animals that populateit and make it a magical, almost ancestral place.

We love Africa with its large national parks and animals that offer a unique atmosphere, a return to origins that always makes us feel a bit of an explorer; but we also love Africa with its populations who have a traditional lifestyle and who practice ancient ceremonies and rituals.

But besides Africa there is a lot that the world and its nature offer us to get excited and wonder: the forests of Borneo in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and Peru, the deserts and coral reefs are unique shows .

What makes a trip unforgettable are the emotions that it manages to give, attending the Voodoo Festival in Benin or the Festival of Colors in India are experiences that are impossible to forget and that change our way of seeing the world forever.

Our desire is to make you travel and make you explore our fantastic planet on a lifelong safari; for this reason we have opened Safari ADV Ltd that will be able to support you in choosing and organizing your trip.
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